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Ar Events

Ar Events investigate topics by bringing speakers from all over the world from inside and outside science. Come explore, learn, be provoked and inspired.

Ar Magazine

Ar Magazine is a personalized account of everything science and its interface with society and the world. Join us with your questions and we promise to provide you with plenty more.

About Ar

We are a science communication group promoted by the Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme
Sharing the beauty of science, discoveries, fostering creative and critical thinking

Ar is the brainchild of a group of neuroscience students and researchers from the Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme. We want to open the doors of the mysterious world of science and the brain to the public and give you a taste of what we do. We’ll show you why science is important for you and the community at large: and how surprisingly fun it can be along the way! We will present a programme of events, ranging from talks, dance performances, debates and interactive projects, all connected (directly or peripherally) with science and scientific ideas. Alongside we have our online magazine, with information about upcoming and past events, forums for discussion and debate, articles about interesting scientific development and links to all the cool things going on in the world of science right now.

  • Since 2011

    More precisely Oct. 27th

  • > 30 Events produced

    19 Ar events, 8 SeminAr events, 4 Co-Productions

  • > 80 Speakers involved

    (scientists, artists, politicians,...)

  • > 10.000 people inspired

    and whom we get inspiration from

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